Orthokeratology, also called corneal refractive therapies (CRT), is really a treatment method employed to right eyesight troubles. Orthokeratology involves the application of specific contacts that reshape the cornea when you sleeping. This assists to further improve eyesight during the day without needing to put on glasses or associates. Although orthokeratology is actually a safe and efficient ortho k singapore remedy for many individuals, some conditions could make it unsuitable. Within this post, we are going to talk about the problems connected with orthokeratology and what you must know before considering this treatment solution.

In case you have any of the following situations, orthokeratology may not be good for you:

Corneal Disease

Orthokeratology are only able to be used to take care of wholesome corneas. In case you have corneal illness, for example keratoconus, this procedure option is not perfect.

Dried up eyesight

A dried up eyesight can make putting on contact lenses uncomfortable and boost the potential risk of establishing contamination. In case you have dried up vision, orthokeratology will not be good for you.

Allergic reaction

Allergies may also make using contact lenses uneasy and boost the danger of creating an infection. When you have allergy symptoms, orthokeratology may not be good for you.

Sensitivity To Gentle

In case you are understanding of lighting, you might find that wearing disposable lenses is uneasy. When you are responsive to light, orthokeratology is probably not best for you.

Eyesight Microbe infections

In case you have a lively eyesight disease, you are going to not be able to use disposable lenses. In case you have an active eyesight illness, orthokeratology will not be good for you.


Orthokeratology is only able to take care of myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness). When you have astigmatism, this treatment option is not ideal.

Being pregnant

Being pregnant might cause changes in the contour of your cornea. Because of this, orthokeratology might not be suitable for expectant women. Talk to optician Singapore.

In case you have the circumstances mentioned above, orthokeratology might not be good for you. However, this does not mean which you should never be in a position to put on disposable lenses or increase your sight. There are additional treatment methods accessible depending on your distinct situation. Talk to your eye doctor about what treatments are for sale to you. They can help you find the simplest way to improve your vision. We hope this web site article has helped learn more about conditions associated with orthokeratology.

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