A Career As a Home Chef Has Never Been Easier

home chef is a multi-storey-billion dollar food service and home delivery business that offer pre-packed recipes and ingredients to subscribers every week in the United States alone. According to the business it delivers three million pre-packed meals a month to its customers. The average customer has ordered from Home Chef six times in his life. And nine out of ten people have been delighted with the quality and variety of food that they have tasted while using the Home Chef food delivery service.

Home Chef was started by Arthur Agatston in 1969 as a simple small business venture. He used his love of cooking, along with his background in mathematics, to create a new concept that would revolutionize the food service industry. He started with his one-man show, selling snacks and lunches from an “undisclosed warehouse” in Englewood, Colorado. This small business gave him the confidence to expand his business and open a large variety of restaurants all over the United States, in such cities as Chicago and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The success of his restaurant’s gave him the confidence to create Home Chef International, which is still today one of the largest franchising companies in the world.
Home Chef’s recipes have been seen on television and in magazines and books, but not in any cookbooks. Instead, their recipes are found in a series of DVD’s, called the “Masters of Copy,” that are designed for home viewers who may not have access to kitchen tables or televisions. The DVD’s are very affordable and have been shown in television commercial slots, as well as on numerous late night television programs. The DVDs have also been used for promotions for many popular restaurants and companies, such as McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, and countless others.
Home Chef offers a variety of popular cookbooks, as well as a variety of DVDs. The most recent addition to their menu of DVDs is the “chefs cut,” a 14-part series that gives cooking demonstrations for every meal of the day. Home Chef also offers a variety of interesting cookbooks and recipe books, many with “how to” instructions that even beginners can follow. The goal of the “chefs cut” series is to give people a visual idea of how food is prepared in real kitchens. It is shown as well in Home Shopping Network’s “Make it Cheap” segments.
The business opportunity that is being presented by Home Chef could provide a very good source of passive income. It is possible that the popularity of the shows themselves could be helping people become more familiar with home-based food service, which would lead them to being more familiar with hiring other people to work for them at home. The ability to offer a quality service at an affordable rate has always been something home-based businesses have strived for. With the success of the TV show and the availability of DVDs, this dream could soon become a reality.
People who decide to become a chef at home do not have to be worried about spending hours in a kitchen, preparing meals. What they do need to learn is how to market their services effectively. In the world of food service, effective marketing is essential in order to gain a client base, since the majority of potential customers are people who have never experienced food service. Being able to market oneself effectively through television, radio and print ads is something that would help create a loyal customer base and would lead to greater profits for the chef and a successful career as a home chef.